In 1933, a petite sixteen-year-old redhead from Dayton named Virginia, unknown and unseeded, was the runner-up at the National Indoor Girls’ Championships. Virginia Hollinger won that prestigious title the following year. The high point of her career came in 1938 when she defeated a more experienced opponent to win the National Indoor Tennis Championship

On May 17, 1946, Virginia Hollinger died of Hodgkin’s Disease. She was 28. In 1947, to honor one of Dayton’s greatest players, the Dayton Tennis Association received permission from the Hollinger family to rename their club the Virginia Hollinger Memorial Tennis Club (the “Club”).

In 2016, the Club and the City of Oakwood formed a partnership whereby the City assumed ownership of the facilities, now known as the City of Oakwood Hollinger Memorial Tennis Center (the “Center”). The Club continues to operate the Center and, in Virginia’s memory, strives to maintain the level of excellence inspired by this young woman’s amazing achievements.